Thursday, October 4, 2012

Operation: Tinkerbell may now commence!

...Here we are, almost 4 months since my last post. And judging by the fact that when I logged in, I only had 128 views since my last post, I'm thinking the world didn't miss my blatherings too much. But change is good, and hopefully my new views from the window of my living room will be enough to inspire you, and maybe perhaps help you seek out that next big milestone in your life. 

So the update: In 4 months I have made quite a few strides ahead in my living room, and even managed to procur a "goal", (which was the main source of strife in the last few posts). In essence, hitting the living room has since turned me loose onto the road.


Allow me to clarify. So in the last posts that had managed to make, I was blabbering on and on about how I "needed a goal...something to work for to inspire me..." and so on and so forth. And for whatever crack-pot reason, I decided to hit the road, literally.

I have become a runner. :)

That's right...a few steps back and forth down the little 0.08 mile driveway to "get some cardio in" during my outdoor weight-training sessions soon led to a bit of wanderlust: what's it look like BEYOND the driveway? What do the trees alongside our road look like at 7.0 mph? I wondered what the rolling hills up and down our road would make my thighs and butt (my trouble zones) look like a few weeks later. And I wondered, "Could I do really do it? Could I really 'run' up and down the roads of our neighborhood?"

And not look like a slobbering, flapping, flesh-of-the-thighs-slapping basset hound in the process

And from that simple seed, a goal to run the Walt Disney Princess half-Marathon in Feb of 2014 was plated. That's right, readers: I, Andrea Soon-to-be-Something-or-Other, have not only found intense enjoyment in pounding my newly 34# slimmer body repeatedly into the dirt roads of Central Michigan, but have set a personal goal to repeatedly slam myself into the Orlando, Florida pavement in the Happiest Place on Earth.

And to make matters all that much more complex, I plan on getting pregnant, and having a baby between now and then.

Yea, me...

The best part? I continue to maintain my "ban the gym" philosophy so that you, that's right, reader--you too can be part of the fun without actually having to spend a dime to travel outside of your house. "Shedding and Saving for the Wedding"? Try "Running Away from the Baby Fat"!

But back to the matter at hand--my new-found love affair with running. And maintaing my current love-affair with nursing on the night-shift, (which by the way, has me working, on average, about 20-30 hours of overtime every two weeks due to a shortage in staffing currently), my relationship with my soon-to-be, and trying to find time to plan this crazy-ass wedding trip that is (gasp!) about 26 days away.

So see? Training for a Half after a kiddo doesn't seem NEARLY that difficult when we examine my current state of obligations.

In all seriousness, though, running has kept me sane. And having this completely insane goal of planning the "perfect" pregnancy, easy delivery, quick recovery time, being back on my feet and ready to train for a 13.1 has kept me on track and really has given me something to work for. Not to mention that quitting my birth control 3 months ago has allowed me a hallpass to claim temporary insanity due to a sudden surge in estrogen...

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